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        Chinese name:

        Copper(II)Borofluoride Cu(BF4)2
        Executive standard:Q/XJH04-2006
        1.Molecular weight 237.2
        2.Appearance Blue transparent liquid
        3.Properties Dissolving in water
        4.Proportion(20℃) 12%Copper(II)Borofluoride water solution Proportion: 1.50
        5.Supplied product Copper(II)Borofluoride solution Cu(2+)≥ 12% galvanization grade
        6.Main index Cu2+ ≥12%
        SO42- ≤300ppm
        Dissociative boric acid ≤0.6%-4.0%
        Fe ≤0.1%
        Dissociative fluoroboric acid ≤2.5%
        7.Packing Polyethylene plastic drum 25 kg/drum, 6*4kg,250kg/drum, or customized.
        8.Storage Stored at cool, dry and ventilated place.
        9.Notice It has the character of heavy metal copper ion, and should be treated as toxic matters.


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